5 Signs He Only Need You for Sex

If the thought that your relationships have nothing to do with love already hit you once or twice and you suspect that you are just being used for sex, this article is for you. Check out 5 signs that your man may needs you only for sex.
1. Have you ever met his friends? If not that could be a very large red flag for you. If he is truly in the relationship because he is happy with you and is proud to be with you, there is no reason that he wouldn’t want you to get acquainted with his friends. 2. Your relationships are one-sided If you think back, can you remember a time when he did something for you or are you the one that is always cooking, cleaning, and buying him things but there is never the courtesy of reciprocation. 3. He says compliments only about your appearance You like to hear that you are beautiful or smoking hot, but what about compliments to your personality of something that you do that is cute? If your guy only compliments your looks then you may want to start looking elsewhere. 4. He is never around when you need him a lot When you really need support or someone to lean on and you are in a relationship you will usually go to your significant other. But what if he is never around? If he doesn’t want to be there for the emotional happenings than he shouldn’t be there for the bedroom happenings either. 5. You are only role-playing during sex If the only thing you ever do in bed is role play then you just may be being used. If he is always trying to pretend that you are someone else other than yourself he may not really be liking your for who you truly are.
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